Developer API

Register for an API Key

You have to register first to get your private API Key. Next you can pass the API Key to your request.
Actually we only enabled E-Mail Registration. Further we will allow to use Google or GitHub.


- UX9 API v2 ist nun verfügbar
- UX9 API v1 wird mit einem API-Key nicht länger unterstützt
- v1 ist nurnoch innerhalb der Public-Lizenz möglich

Send a request to short your URL

To send a request you have use the following parameters:


token - Your API Key.
url - The long URL to shorten.
key - An alias instead of a generated key [otpional].
password - Set a password to protect your url [otpional].
expire - Set the time, in days, when the url will be expired [otpional].
limit - Set a limit on how often a url can be opened [otpional].
format - JSON/Plain. Default is JSON [optional].

Note: you will always get an alias. If we can not provide an URL you will get something like

Server Response

// Successfull Request

// Different Errors
  "msg":"Invalid API Token."

Error Types:
1 - You have submitted an invalid API Key.
2 - You have submitted an invalid URL.
999 - The Service is unavailable.

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